Fallenshadow ALARM Voice Pack [Debut Commemoration]

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Hello! My name is Fallenshadow, or just Shadow if you prefer! I'm an ASMRtist, VTuber, streamer and content creator. I like all things cute, spooky and I love chocolate!

Here's my Twitch, where I stream VTuber content!

Here's my YouTube, where I produce ASMR videos!

This is my VTuber Debut Commemoration Alarm Voice Pack! Here you'll find a collection of different short MP3 files for whatever usage you'd like! All audios are exclusive to this voice pack! There's a good amount of voice variety included, and quite a few of these are serious as well as comical, so hopefully there'll be something you like in here! Here's a rundown of what's included!

  • Alarm 1: ShadowAlarmBeep (Runtime: 6 seconds)

  • Alarm 2: ShadowAlarmMean (Runtime: 17 seconds)

  • Alarm 3: ShadowAlarmSouthernDad (Runtime: 11 seconds)

  • Alarm 4: ShadowAlarmWAKEUP (Runtime: 4 seconds)

  • Ringtone 1: ShadowRingtone (Runtime: 12 seconds)

  • Ringtone 2: ShadowRingtoneChristmas (Runtime: 9 seconds)

  • Ringtone 3: ShadowRingtoneDeep (Runtime: 11 seconds)

  • Ringtone 4: ShadowRingtoneNokia (Runtime: 14 seconds)

For a total of four alarm choices, and four ringtone choices (they're all really annoying and you will absolutely hate the sound of my voice forever if you use these) Please try to enjoy~

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Fallenshadow ALARM Voice Pack [Debut Commemoration]

37 ratings
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